Just a Little Panamanian Street Photography

Because why not? Photo posts are way easier, and if I’m going to do the serious historical stuff, I might as well do it for real and write a book. Which isn’t to say that no more of that will show up here, but if you want consistent content, you’ll have to live with my photography. Suck it up.


This was taken near Casco Viejo in Panama City.


This one is just off of Avenida Central, where there’s a fairly constant market scene with street, table, and storefront vendors every day. I’m really curious as to what these two ladies are talking about, and, let’s face it, why one of them is wearing a bag on her head.


Avenida Central isn’t the glitzy part of town, but it’s got a real energy to it.

IMG_7598~ - Edited

It leads directly to the peninsula that Casco Viejo sits on, so if you’re missing the glamor, you can take a quick walk.


IMG_7655~ - Edited

Not that everybody is going to bother. Some seem very content where they are.

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  1. Wow such pretty photos


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