Okay, Maybe One Ticket Back…

You may have been wondering what we’ve been up to after not updating the blog in awhile. Actually, we’ve been back in the United States (shocking!), and we stayed there for about a month. Initially the plan did not include a return trip, but a family wedding takes precedence.

We had a good month back in the U.S. I did a two-week long hackathon in Atlanta, Michelle spent some time meeting with clients – and drumming up new business – and, of course, we participated in the wedding festivities, which were awesome. We were lucky enough to have beautiful, warm fall weather in Minneapolis, and the ceremony and reception were both right on the lakes. It was great seeing family and catching up with good friends, but we were also pretty sure we weren’t done roaming.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 14.22.30So we are back in Europe, in the Netherlands specifically. After a couple weeks wandering about the Baltics, we’ve settled into Utrecht, a nice little city south of Amsterdam. We have had some warm autumn weather and the trees are all turning colors, giving the canals and canopy of yellows and golds. So far we are really enjoying our time here.

We are a quick train ride away from Amsterdam, and really just about anywhere in the Netherlands, and we are planning to take full advantage. We have also already managed a trip into Belgium, and hopefully a post on Antwerp is forthcoming.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 14.22.55We also have another trip to Istanbul on the books (yes, another one!), and tentative plans to check out Switzerland for the first time. Given the proximity to northwestern Germany, we are likely to do some day or weekend trips there as well, probably to places like Köln and Düsseldorf. And naturally, we’ll need to write something about the Baltics too.

But for now, you’ll find us in Utrecht, and we will keep you posted on where we are settling next.

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