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Linguistic Overload

We will encounter three different language families: Turkic (1), Uralic (1), and Indo-European (3). Of the Indo-European, we will hear two separate subfamilies: Balto-Slavic (2), and Hellenic (1). Thankfully, we will only encounter two different alphabets.

How Would You Like to Spend a Year in Sunny Kathmandu?

It was a typically cold winter day in Minneapolis, and my wife Michelle and I were sitting across from each other at a Himalayan restaurant, which was helpfully named “Himalayan Restaurant.” There was a picture of Nepal hanging on the wall, looking very much unlike Minnesota, for better and for worse. I wasn’t really planning […]

The Turkey Bucket Lists

Here is what John would like to do in Turkey. For the rest of the bucket lists and a fuller explanation, check out our Bucket Lists Page. In Istanbul Walk the entire length of the Theodosian Land Walls; find the sites of the siege of 1453; find the inscriptions; find a way into the peribolos; […]