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The Life of the Linguistically Deficient: Idioms Are a Tough Nut to Crack

The hardest thing for me is avoidance of idioms. I tend to speak more slowly to those whose English I know is a second language, and I certainly think about my words much more methodically than I normally do. (Which may be a good habit for me anyway, since I’ve been known to put my foot in my mouth. See! Idiom!) On the other hand, I’m incredibly happy to learn the local idioms, since I find them fascinating. And, like any idiom, they often don’t make much sense at first blush. (Another one!)

The Life of the Linguistically Deficient: Getting a Haircut in Turkey

This display finished, I looked at the kuaför in the mirror. He looked back at me with his eyes and his mustache as if to say, “don’t tell me my business, son.” After a brief nod, he began the process. As with most haircuts, the first order of business was lighting a cigarette.