Fun with shadows in Antigua, Guatemala

In countries that are close to the equator, the “golden hour” becomes something closer to a golden two hours, which is really nice because I hate to miss anything. I think I did pretty well in Guatemala.


We stayed in Antigua, which is a beautiful old town that was abandoned for what’s now Guatemala City after a devastating 18th century earthquake. That abandonment proved something of a boon for historians, preservationists, architecture fans, and tourists, because quite a lot of what was there before still remains. People have since moved back, but the modern capital still dwarfs Antigua.

Early colonial remains include the ayuntamiento, with its columned loggia, where this street vendor was stretching his legs.


It also includes the original cobblestone streets, usually not quite wide enough for two cars, but certainly not built for cars either. This Guatemalan is walking across the cobbled main square.


The shadows started to get long around 5:00.


And the city was mostly in shadows by 7:00, but not before I was able to snap these guys loading up their truck outside  in the dying light of the day.


The next morning we took a trip out to the market and got some nice morning sun too. Here a few ladies prepare for their day in a market stall. Coffee is, of course, necessary.


The tables in the market haven’t yet been filled with wares, nor have the mannequins been dressed by the time the morning sun starts to filter in. The children are still getting ready for school.


Getting bread for the day.


And this is later in the evening, probably one of the favorite shots I took of Antigua, and hopefully indicative of its picturesque beauty.

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